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Kate Oliver, LPE
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As an AASECT member and Licensed Professional Educator (LPE, 2005), Kate employs an active coaching model in her practice — a client-centered, future-focused practice founded on levels of deep listening and intuitive guidance, while vigilantly remaining goal-oriented.

In Chicago’s Southwest suburb, La Grange, Kate developed Kinder Educational Opportunities, LLC. This encouraging, growing collective of educators, therapists, counselors, consultants, coaches and other sex-positive professionals independently serve their clients while collaboratively exchanging ideas within the co-working network. AASECT certified therapist, counselors and educators from the Southwest Sexual Health Alliance (SHA) as well as credentialed bodyworkers from reputable organizations, such as the Somatic Sex Educators Association (SSEA), International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA), and the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS) are invited to join the Chicagoland co-working network.

Because she believes that everyone deserves access to a sex-education program that encourages finding a voice in our own sexual pleasure, health, and wellness, Kate’s clients can confidently define their own sexual values without judgement, often with reduced feelings of shame, to free the emotional space that’s needed to make better-informed choices about their sexuality.

While recognizing that human sexuality is beautifully diverse, Kate says it’s the utter lack of comprehensive sex education in our world, and the anxious discomfort of so many individuals when talking about sex, that inspired her to establish Kinder Educational Opportunities’ Professional Collection on-line, and to develop The KINDer Foundation’s Learning Market.


I believe whether you're interested in earning an income as a sexuality professional or simply looking to enhance other professional pursuits, advanced sex-ed should be accessible to anyone with a passion for sexual health or advocacy. Those who have this willingness or desire to learn more can make a difference in the physical and emotional health of the larger community. I am dedicated to bridging the adult sexual & health education gap by creating a fun, pleasure-positive learning environment for adults to explore sexuality, increase confidence and enhance intimate experiences. I aim to normalize conversations about sex, sexual health, self-care and intimacy. As a Licensed Professional Educator and Sex Coach (2005), I invite everyone to clarify their sexual values, honor their unique sexuality, and challenge them to embrace further exploration, discovery and growth. Human Sexuality is beautifully diverse, and I strive to eliminate shame and judgement. I encourage clients to make more informed choices about their sexuality and relationships, and ultimately challenge them to discover their true authentic sexual value.

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We at TKFND uphold these Ethics and Beliefs:

Code of Ethics: We uphold the Code of Ethical Standards and Values of several organizations, including: The basic tenets for ethical standards at The World Association of Sexual Health  Declaration of Sexual Rights, The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, The beliefs, credos and practices of other well-regarded organizations, such as SIECUS, Planned Parenthood, World Health Organization and other human/sexual rights groups advocating for sexual rights, sexual wellness and freedom; as well as the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (with the exception of support for those who are trained and certified to use healing and appropriate touch).

We at TKFND believe that:

#1) Sexuality is an essential, natural and healthy part of being human, and many of us are lifelong sexual beings, from conception to death.

#2) Sexual rights are human rights and every person has the right to choose how they wish to express their sexuality.  Everyone deserves to have the sexual aspects of their life become realized if it is with consent and without intentional harm.

#3) People do not rid parts of themselves as sexual beings; rather, they learn how or how not to embrace and accept those aspects of themselves, understanding that all adult sexual expression is as unique as the individual themselves, and accepting or rejecting the obligation to take responsibility for their sexual actions and the impact of said action upon the self, others and their environment.

#4) While most practitioners of medicine and mental healthcare are inadequately trained and ill-prepared to respond to the sexual needs of their patients.  Sex-positive professionals journey a powerful and transformational pathway to sexual healing, sexual wellness and sexual success themselves and with individuals, couples and polycules.

#5) Sex-positive professionals serve as role models for sex-positivity and sexual empowerment when giving back to the global community, educate others about sexual well-being, advocate for sexual diversity/inclusivity/equity in all forms, and support the sexual freedom and humanistic perspective of sexuality.

Please Note: We at TKFND do not make value judgements of anyone’s morality or belief structures; however, if you are curious to learn about your own morality, ethics, and/or values, while also contributing to scientific research, visit

Here, a group of professors and graduate students in social psychology search to understand the way our “moral minds” work. By filling out a few surveys, you’ll help answer those questions.  In return, you’ll get an immediate report on how you scored on each study, quiz, or survey.  You’ll also see how your responses compare to others.

We invite you to join us and begin exploring your morality. This site is a separate non-profit academic venture, with no fees or advertising.

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